Owner Builders

Have you discovered Australia’s best kept secret yet ?
Many owner builders already know the features /cost benefits of using ECO HOUSING PANELS from ECO ENERGY HOMES....now we have added FASTWALL Panel Cladding


  • RENDAWALL (TEXTURED)- External WALL pre-finished in our factory panel features infinite colour options.
  • FASTWALL Panel Cladding systems - available now take advantage of lower cost.
  • READY to USE : Minimise (trade labour) cost - no more rendering on site .
  • FAST to BUILD more AFFORDABLE – most other comparable building systems.
  • DESIGN FLEXIBILITY-Architect/Builder/Owner builder. Ideal for large spans.
  • HIGH INSULATION – exceeds BASIX; BCA; Green Building Australia *star ratings.
  • AFFORDABLE / LOW COST- sustainable low energy costs (heating / cooling) are dramatically reduced due to the natural insulation of ECO HOUSING PANELS.

Note : Structural / loadbearing properties of these panels will be largely determined by compliance with BCA and other certifying authorites and the limitations / performance required of the particular house design.


NETWORK of architects / designers / engineers draftsman in most regions of Australia.
PROJECT Co-ordination (if required) – with home designers ,architects ,structural engineers to achieve the best possible outcome at an affordable price.
EASY to BUILD - assembly and  “assistance on site” option.
FITOUT OPTIONS - Flat pack kitchens ; Bathroom fittings ;Flooring ;Wall systems;Roofing and internal fittings ;Windows ;Doors providing a "one stop shop" for lifestyle options.
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