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Eco sustainable designs have been heavily compromised by the limited ability of conventional building materials bricks, timber, cladding and rendering systems to provide better levels performance,they are labour intensive to use and generate waste on site.
Now you have a manufactured, lightweight , insulated, structural building panel system with a high R VALUE which meets or exceeds the "energy" criteria for BASIX: GREEN BUILDING AUSTRALIA and appendix "J" Australian Building Code.
ECO HOUSING PANELS with RENDAWALL (textured coating) and associated products help you build a sustainable lifestyle from alternative "green" building materials that usually cost much less than conventional (inefficient / unsuitable) materials.
NEWS Release dated 4-3-11      DUE TO INCREASED DEMAND....
FASTWALL PANEL cladding system  has been added to our range .....
FASTWALL allows conventional 'wood framed structures" to enjoy the benefits of FASTER construction + HIGH energy savings + LOW cost + IINFINITE colour choice

Features & Benefits – Eco Housing Panel

  • Fastwall Panel Cladding provides the benefits of SIPS building system over wooden frames .
  • Rendawall  - External walls are delivered (pre coated)  available in a range of colours we can colourmatch that 'special" colour you have always wanted .
  • Structural Insulated Building panels – lightweight design span large rooms with minimal external support (Designs must be certified by structural engineers). 
  • User friendly - home designer /Architect /developer /builder /owner , builder friendly that can be adapted to most design concepts
  • Fast to build – most of the cutting is done off site just assemble on site, remove the labour associated with trades carpenters,bricklayers,renderers.
  • Affordable – when comparing all costs with conventional materials.
  • Sustainable – as ongoing energy costs (heating / cooling) are dramatically reduced due to the natural properties of ECO HOUSING PANELS.
  • Minimal waste – most panels are delivered to site ready to use.